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Marek Minor

Product Designer in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Utilising design and code to shape complex systems, next gen tools and useful products for real people.



Creating, designing, curating and developing GamesWatch, the visual resource website for game designers, artists, product designers and anyone who loves to get inspiration from games.


Multi-year research into design and physics, manifested as a next gen design tool based on a new type of systems theory.


Personal space for my photography, built with React and Gatsby.



Prototyped and designed the next generation of design and simulation tools for the #1 global leader in warehousing and order fulfilment.


Leading the design work and co-creating the product vision of building future design tools for spatial computing.


Led efforts to componentise parts of the most downloaded app by IKEA, making design accessible for the many.


Conceptualised, prototyped, animated and designed a story-sharing feature for the popular map-based social app with 35 million monthly active users.

Coinbase Wallet

Took part in the team that designed and built the cryptocurrency platform Toshi end-to-end, later rebranded to Coinbase Wallet.



Hi! I’m a highly curious, organised and passionate product designer turned design engineer. I define, design, ideate, prototype and build digital products, tools and artefacts for myself and for companies small and large.

I'm currently a Lead Product Designer at Bakken & Bæck, named one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies in Design by Fast Company in 2020.


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